Pocket Picks

The Pocket Picks series of posts is the best the web has to offer. Reasons for Web Automation – MacStories Designer News Button Mightybell - Smart Professional »

Google's new CAPTCHA security login raises 'no privacy concerns'

So Google's new CAPTCHA security login fingerprints users, and yet fingerprinting is as old as the web. Basically if a browser is allowed to run Javascript »

New ICANN Name collision for .youtube TLD?

I was surfing Hacker News, when I came across a strange post, entitled www.YouTube. At first I thought it was some HN newbie user testing »

Takeaways from Gary Vaynerchuck's Book, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

I've heard a few people conclude that Gary Vaynerchuck is a social media charlatan, and a "bullshitter". It's easy to conclude this if you're hard-wired to »

Web Graphics Pummelvision from 2009 - 2012

Not playing, or no Flash installed? Watch the video on Youtube A combination of random images scraped from the web, put to some drum and bass »

Paid apps I bought recently

Despite a passion for Freeware, I still like to buy the odd software license and support the author(s). This year, three pieces of software caught »

Why I run this blog on MaxCDN and Ghost

Because of traffic spike issues, I have proxied this blog through MaxCDN. I am well aware of such things as a 'Slashdot effect', or getting linked »

Pocket Picks

The Pocket Picks series of posts is the best the web has to offer. .htaccess tricks FocusWriter Henry David Thoreau - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia How »

Alternatives to Hackernews & Reddit

I always loved sites with a karma/merit system, because by design, the users will get good content. Digg were the first link aggregation service to »

Disruption is a fancy term for an EPOS

Disruption doesn't have to be soul destroying. Taxi drivers, for example; often scathe Uber, and traditional BnB owners are quick to critique the likes of Airbnb »

Sugru Lifehacks

I recently bought some Sugru - a sort of blutack that hardens, and can be used for any number of things, like fixing things, or even »

Try to imagine a life without timekeeping

I can not imagine a life without timekeeping, as it implies an exit from the matrix of business, and the carefully maintained house of cards we »

Pushbullet Acquisitions Notifications

I just noticed that Pushbullet has a channel for acquisitions. Pushbullet is similar to IFTTT where you can get real-time push notifications for a myriad of »

Motivation porn for 2015

I collected some of these from Instagram. First in a long line of listicles and microblogs. For the record - I am not on Instagram, and »

2014 – the year of feeling burned out

This post talks about my plans for this blog in 2015 - and how I'm going to overcome feeling burned out. Nothing drastic, just a change »

Stop thinking like a freelancer

There is an oft-told story in the design-freelancing circuit about clients from hell, and all the nonsense that surrounds contracts, rates, and not being able to »

Getting off Twitter

I have decided to take a hiatus from Twitter. I am aiming at one year tops. If I manage to break the hiatus and cave into »

Why I chose A Small Orange for Hosting 🍊

I recently took a shine to a hosting company called A Small Orange (ASO). I've been researching hosting companies for years, trying them out, and trying »


Who am I, and what is this blog about? My aim is one post per day with new information on a variety of topics and to »

Like Padding & Traffic Hacks. Techniques & Strategies.

Here I discuss four techniques for getting traffic on your blog that are guaranteed to work each time, regardless of what service you're targeting, or regardless »

Tools for getting things done (on Windows)

I am often asked what tools I use to get things done on the PC at home. It's a very broad question, so I'm going to »

Curating The Net

I always had a fascination with curation. Content Marketers have ruined this word, and the art of exhibiting the best works of others has been lost »

Dribbble Invite Giveaway

Note: This giveaway is currently: Finished. Disclaimer: I know how hard Dribbble invites are to find. If you fail to get an invite here, keep on »

A bug allowed you to register Twitter usernames that contained Unicode

A bug allowed you to register Twitter usernames that contained Unicode...how come there's only *ONE* account like that? (@‏ميمي العنزي)— Mikko Hypponen »

Don't let Windows hold back your creativity.

There is a small sub-culture of highly proficient web developers who exclusively use Windows all the time for their work. Because web development has aspects of »

Web Heroes

There are certain people that have a lasting effect on you online. The Internet allows one to seek out like-minded individuals all the time. I would »

What Is The Craft Web?

The Slow Web Movement is a more careful approach to content, and design. It is a less hurried web that shifts away from the Mc Donalds »

All nighters versus craft coding

As programmers, the number one rule is efficiency. There is creative coding where there is a certain amount of craft involved and it doesn't matter how »

The Best Code Snippet Manager for Windows

I spent hours trying to find a code snippet manager for Windows. I tried over ten different applications. Each one of them sucked, for different reasons »

Blogs for networking

Sometimes it's nice to network using oldskool methods. Sure, we have LinkedIN, and Google+, but why not get back to basics and use a site's contact »

Snowden and Neuromancer. Let's blanket-encrypt all the data.

There is no excuse now - all data needs to be blanket-encrypted. Internet architects didn't design TCP/IP for the abuse displayed by the NSA recently »

Can we have Content As A Service?

There is a new buzzword/buzzphrase floating around the startup circle called "Content Marketing". There is more written about how to write good content than there »

Getting jque.re off the apex

I am just going to briefly discuss how I configured a project of mine called Handpicked jQuery Plugins, and how I leveraged Github Pages to host »

The Futility of Productivity Posts

Every so often, we read a blogpost about productivity, and it proves to be very motivating for us. We feel energized after reading it, and it's »